Boost Your Milk Supply

Boost your milk supply naturally with delicious lactation cookies and breast milk boosters from Milk and Nourish. Our thoughtfully crafted cookies, with gluten and dairy free options, are designed to enhance lactation while providing a wholesome and delightful treat for breastfeeding Mums. We aim to source the best ingredients to nourish your body so you can focus on the most important thing, the wonderful tiny little human you created.

Boosters & Powders

Made for the non-cookie lover

Our boosters and powders are Vegan friendly with no preservatives. With no nasties, you will be smiling from ear to ear knowing these are made specially for you.

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  • Jenna

    "Amazing, delicious cookies! I am so glad I found milk and nourish, I love that they’re WA locals and their cookies aren’t bad either 😉!I went for the pack of make your own in all 3 flavours, the dark choc has won me over so I’ve ordered another batch! Everything this bfing muma needs all in one bag - thanks ladies x"

  • Laura, Melbourne

    "After my son dropped his overnight feeds I saw a significant decrease in my milk supply. I have tried making my own lactation cookies but have yet to find a recipe that tastes anywhere near as good as Milk + Nourish's yummy cookies. And the impact on my supply after just one or two cookies is incredible. I keep coming back for more because they genuinely work for me. Although sometimes (OK, most of the time), it's hard to stop at just one!"

  • Kate, WA

    "Cannot say enough good things about these delicious lactation cookies! As a busy breastfeeding Mumma of 2, making my own is not always that easy, so knowing that I can have the benefits of homemade cookies without actually baking is fabulous!The biggest problem is being able to stop at just a couple 😊 These would also make the perfect gift for a new Mumma :-) Thank you for such an amazing experience."

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